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Study of Dynamics of Upper High Salinity Water Mass in the Arabian Sea

The water masses of specific characteristics are formed in different regions of the oceans by the processes occurring at the surface of the oceans due to the ocean-atmosphere interactions at specific locations and sink from the surface to subsurface depths. The water mass distribution is controlled by temperature and salinity. The Arabian Sea is an active region of air-sea interaction processes and plays a major role in driving the monsoon system.

Psycholinguistics Study Guide

If you are into Facebook, you probably are so familiar with posts such as “Psychology says….”, “Did you know that….”, and the like. You may also be familiar with posts expressing rants, catharses, or evaluation on

Being and Existence-An Anthropocentric Metaphysics and Poetry

Being and Existence is, in this work, examined from, unpopular combination of philosophical doctrines that would have, as western humanists had perceived them, remained disparate concepts in the world dominated by materialism, science and theory.