For The Readers

Society for Science and Education, United Kingdom (SSE-UK) considers the reader’s interest and endeavours to score widespread visibility to the published articles. The primary audience of this publication would be academicians, research scholars, graduate students, practitioners and anyone interested in research.
Anyone from anywhere in the world can access on-line with no restriction to read, reuse and redistribution as long as the original work is credited corresponding to Creative Commons Attribution License.
SSE-UK provides:
  • Published articles can be Freely accessed by anyone.
  • Emphasis on quality peer reviewed article.
  • There is no restriction to readers for reuse, reproduce and download if properly citated.
  • Permanent access to articles published by using DOI assignment from CrossRef and persistent archival from CLOCKSS.
  • User friendly navigation.
  • Reprint services for the authors, professionals, organizations and libraries.