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Benefits of Publishing with us

With an Open Access eBook, self publishers do not have the same struggle to compete with the big, mainstream publishers for bookshop shelf space. The question for authors, therefore, is no longer “Should I publish my research/work as an eBook?” It becomes How can I successfully publish an eBook?

At SSE-UK, we work with you to design and publish your eBook to the highest possible standard, so that it stands out against the mass of low quality eBooks presently swamping the market. Our pre-production stages are exactly the same for an eBook as for printed books. Our in-house book designer does all cover designs and text layouts.


If you publish your eBook with SSE-UK, we will provide the following services for eBook Production

  • Digital editing and cleaning of your supplied file
  • Cover design by a professional book designer for free
  • Page design and layout by a professional book designer
  • Ready proofs for you to check, amend and correct.
  • Promotion through various social networking platforms
  • Open Access: All books are published with free access to everybody worldwide, No hidden fees.
  • DOI: Each publication will get assigned doi from CrossRef and get deposited into CrossRef database. 
  • Retain copyright: Author retains copyright and granted non-exclusive publishing right to SSE-UK. Author(s) are free to disseminate their published article, make copies for any use, and/or deposit in any repository or archive they like by linking to the original published article.
  • Be read: Due to our books are free to everybody, more people access the books and cite you.
  • Print on Demand: We also offer print version (with print ISBN) on-demand with a payment of printing expense, contact us for a quote.
  • On Demand eBook conversion for both mobi (kindle) and epub formats (iPad and other eReaders)

 Social Media Marketing

“New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.” – Ben Grossman

Some people continue to doubt the power and importance of social media. However, the facts and figures are now simply beyond irrefutable. If you have yet to establish a viable online presence you could be missing valuable promotional opportunities.

At SSE-UK we will engage with you, discuss your individual requirements be they a Blog, Facebook and Twitter account. We will formulate a plan to address your particular needs, making suggestions where necessary, but focusing most energy on realising your wishes as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We can work with existing networks, or establish profiles from scratch, creating social networking accounts that are easy to manage and fully integrated. The ideal platforms for driving your connections forward. The social networks will be set up to interact with the great SEO surrounding, aiding your title in its plight to place well in Google´s listings. SSE-UK will be happy to manage the networks on your behalf. Updating your pages with news of reviews, launches and photographs, in fact anything that can augment your title with the online community. A short biography of the author(s)/editor(s) will be included in the published book. As a book author/editor, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge internationally and to boost your scientific impact.

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