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The articles can be submitted using Web-based submission system. We offer competitive peer-review times and the status of editorial process can be tracked on line. Please select the journal in which you want to submit. Select Journal…Archives of Business ResearchAdvances in Social...

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Author’s Guidelines

Authors are requested to submit their original papers using the submission website of respective journal. Use of word processing software It is important that the file be saved in the native format of the word processor used. The text should...


TMLAI Special Issue in partnership with ACMLIS 17

The selected papers from the First International Conference on Affective computing, Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (ACMLIS’17) will be published in a special issue of the journal Transaction on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (TMLAI).

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There are many advantages of publishing in a journal managed by Society for Science and Education. Rapid publication Web-based submission system and competitive peer-review times. The status of editorial process can be tracked on line. Online First Accepted articles published on-line within 3 days...