Тhe Newest Technologies of Economic And Social Development or Emerald Bowl (Monograph)

Тhe Newest Technologies of Economic and Social Development or Emerald Bowl (Monograph)

The actualization of a subject of this Article – Monograph was stipulated by aggravation of economic problems in the majority of countries in the world, including in the West. Today is the time of revelations as regards a deadlock of those development concepts that brought results as far back as the XX century. At present, there is a need for systemic reconsideration and critical analysis of the methods for management and company organization. Notwithstanding the transience of life carrying away and distracting from crucial issues the human society really gives rise to sense of insecurity of the future, stipulates changes taking place, generates contradictions and aggravates the problems of further growth. And all this is observed in, generally speaking, calm world without major confrontations and military operations taking place. The goals in life connected with consumerism and de-emphasis for cultural values dominating some time ago continue to be changed too. Their avoidance of participation in the creation of public domain is in evidence as well as a desire to evade taxes being observed in former times is also transferred to larger spheres, including the financial spheres, that is, the ones wherein the material benefits are not created in a general sense but grandiose money turnovers are carried out through them. This leads to enhanced parasitism of some spheres over the other against the background of abuses and corruption of various kinds that become mass. Therefore, the global financial crises and recessions come about with ever increasing frequency.