BS- English FYDP Syllabus vs. BA-English TYDP: An Evaluation at Graduate Level


BS- English FYDP Syllabus vs. BA-English TYDP: An Evaluation at Graduate Level

This research work deals with the burning issue of problems of English as second language in academic settings. Pakistan is among those countries where English is being used as language of academia. There are many reasons of disappointing results of acquiring proficiency in all language skills by students. It is assumed that change in the existing syllabi can bring about a positive change. This study aims at evaluating the effectiveness of a new system introduced i.e. BS-FYDP in Punjab. A semester system of education has been introduced replacing annual system. This was started in 2010 in 26 colleges of Punjab on the directorate of the provincial government, now is in its final stage. Evaluation is done from students’ perspective. Evaluation is done in three areas, syllabus, and methodology and assessment procedure. CIPP model of evaluation has been used which was developed by Stufflebeam (2000) and colleagues. The qualitative and quantitative methods have been used to collect data through questionnaires, interview, and observation method and document survey. Data has been tabulated and presented in graphic form. A mixed opinion of teachers and students has been found which suggests that things need time and effort to develop. The system can work better if certain steps are taken including initiating teachers’ training programs, use of integrated skill approach and giving students chances of self assessment and research. It has sting in the tail too, in the form of subjectivity of the teachers in assessment, Overall it is a good change to improve the existing situation and has satisfied the students to a great extent.

About the Author

The author of the book, Mrs. Rehana Yasmin Anjum is a PhD Scholar, from University of Management and Technology, Lahore Pakistan. She is recently working as Assistant Professor of English at GCWU, Sialkot. She is interested in research and promotion of research culture in Pakistan. Have taught linguistics at MA level for twenty-two years, BS- level for six years, MA- TEFL for four years and M Phil level till date. She has a double masters degree both in language and literature and have taught literature, too at MA level, or twenty years.  Her other areas of teaching are , GL, AL, Syntax, Semantics, Research, Translation Studies, CALL, Corpus Studies, Sociolinguistics, TESOL, Assessment of Language, Curriculum Planning, Phonetics and Phonology, Stylistics, Linguistic Theories, Critical Discourse Analysis, Feminine Linguistics, Language and Gender, Pedagogical Grammar at BS-FYDP level.  At GCWU Sialkot she has been  teaching , General Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis and Theories of Linguistics at MPhil level. She has attended many workshops , seminars and presented papers in International Conferences.

DOI: 10.14738/bm.052016.1

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