Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on New Ventures Creation - A Case Study

M. Edwin Agwu, H. N. Onwuegbuzie, P. Ezeifeka


This study explored the impact of entrepreneurship education on new ventures creations. Entrepreneurship education is viewed as a potent tool for influencing students learning orientation and expression of new ventures creations. And this has assisted in the creation of blue collar jobs thereby alleviating poverty in various economies. A qualitative method was employed using semi-structured interviews as data collection tools. A total of fifteen (15) students who own startup in the selected universities were sampled and interviewed. Data was transcribed ad-verbatim and analyzed. The results showed significant impact of the constructs of entrepreneurship education and new venture creation of the sampled students. The findings further revealed a plethora of hidden facts on the reasons for both the acceptance and reluctance on students start-up of businesses after before and after graduation. Based on the findings, it was recommended that practical activities should be emphasized during students course of study and interest should involve identification of products and market opportunities.

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Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal; ISSN 2055-0286

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