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Identification of Novel Human Cancer-Specific Antigens

Cancer imposes continuous challenges on global health, and the trend of its incidence will make it the leading cause of mortality in the twenty-first century (Robert, Vries & Hans 2010). Therefore, identifying novel-cancer antigens that can be used as biomarkers and targets for therapeutics has been a priority to minimize cancer morbidity and mortality rates (Grizzi et al. 2007)

Тhe Newest Technologies of Economic And Social Development or Emerald Bowl (Monograph)

The actualization of a subject of this Article – Monograph was stipulated by aggravation of economic problems in the majority of countries in the world, including in the West. Today is the time of revelations as regards a deadlock of those development concepts that brought results as far back as the XX century. At present, there is a need for systemic reconsideration and critical analysis of the methods for management and company organization. Notwithstanding the transience of life carrying away and distracting from crucial issues the human society really gives rise to sense of insecurity of the future, stipulates changes taking place, generates contradictions and aggravates the problems of further growth. And all this is observed in, generally speaking, calm world without major confrontations and military operations taking place. The goals in life connected with consumerism and de-emphasis for cultural values dominating some time ago continue to be changed too. Their avoidance of participation in the creation of public domain is in evidence as well as a desire to evade taxes being observed in former times is also transferred to larger spheres, including the financial spheres, that is, the ones wherein the material benefits are not created in a general sense but grandiose money turnovers are carried out through them. This leads to enhanced parasitism of some spheres over the other against the background of abuses and corruption of various kinds that become mass. Therefore, the global financial crises and recessions come about with ever increasing frequency.


The article sets a task lying in the construction of harmonious economics metrics. The economics overcoming failures of one"sidedness in the assessment society development with an enforceability of many"sided consideration for social, humanitarian and intellectual factors being introduced. Meanwhile, the financial indicators, profit and capital criteria leave the foreground. The specificities of author’s approach lie in the use of natural analogs for calculation and assessment of economics including formation of the Values Added. The systems for determination of the Gross Domestic Product and national calculations are being transformed. These innovations are introduced instead of the existing systems. The algebra and system for calculation of economic and other indicators are renewed in order to implement basically new harmonious economics metrics. There is a separate level differentiating between the general political level of management and traditional macroeconomics referred to as supramacroeconomics. To make calculations the assessments of geometric values of natural analogs of the economics and social medium objects are being used. The methodical bases for harmonious economics metrics are developed in this article.

BS- English FYDP Syllabus Vs. BA-english Tydp: An Evaluation at Graduate Level

This one-year writing process and 12 CH course means serious and focused research work. Composing a research paper of about 20,000 to 25,000 words on a literary topic of choice along with writing an abstract, selected bibliographies or works cited, annotated as well as simple, citing references, and professionally dividing the whole project into chapters, headings and its parts becomes mandatory for the research candidates. These candidates, who have been exposed to literary taste and linguistic styles by writing papers for various courses for more than a year and with their BA/BS 04-year background and overall almost five years of extensive reading now, are expected to be trained into the demanded academic standards. At this final stage of their orientation to quality literature the candidates may be asked to write these research papers for further growth in their career towards publication or PhD and higher degrees of research programs. Details regarding research at MS level may be connected back to the training received by these candidates through the course offered in “Advanced Research and Bibliographic Methods” during the Semester II of MA English (Honors) in Literature.

Mathematical Model of Geopolitics

The mathematical model of geopolitics is a conditional name for several models, which are naturally connected and act as accompaniment to the main theme — geopolitics. All constructed work models made the transition to computing experiment, the results of which are given and discussed. The central concept of the mathematical model of geopolitics is introduced — the capacity of the habitat. Geopolitics is the climate, the relief, the logistics features of global commodity flows, the geopolitical confrontation in terms of the “sea-continent”, i.e. all that constitutes the material complex of living conditions of the inhabitants of the Earth. This complex, to a large extent, mediates the population’s behavior from the political point of view. The author does not adhere to the position of natural determinism, which acts in the form of geopolitics, but tries to delineate the scope of the manifestation of geopolitics in real politics. The monograph provides clarification and generalization of the generally accepted geopolitical classification of territories in terms of orientation and positioning either at sea or on the continent. The mathematical model of transport costs minimization for an arbitrary number of points acting in the form of logistic centers is formulated.

Global Set Theory

Our reasoning is based on 2-valued logic. That is, we are convinced that a statement is either true or false. 2-valued logic is said to be the logic of the Absolute. The true (1) and the false (0) are expressions of the degree of truth, and called truth values. Truth values 1 and 0 form a complete Boolean lattice 2 with operations ∨, ∧, ¬ : 2 = ⟨ {1, 0} : ∧(and), ∨ : (or), ¬(not) ⟩ The logic represented by Boolean lattice is called a classical logic. Thus, we accept the law of excluded middle and distributive law as logical axioms. Classical set theory is developed by the classical logic with axioms which characterize ‘sets’. The whole sets forms the universe of set theory. A model V of the universe of classical set theory is constructed inductively from empty set ∅ by adding power sets of existing sets repeatedly : Vα = {u | ∃β ∈α(u:Vβ →2)}, V = ∪ α∈On Vα , where subset of Vβ is represented by 2-valued characteristic function, i.e. u ⊂ Vβ def ⇐⇒ u:Vβ →2. Mathematics, which is a language of science, is developed in the classical set theory.

Exclusion in Academia: Latina Faculty Struggle towards Tenure

The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore the lived experiences of underrepresented tenured Latina faculty in one four-year university in the southeast area of the United States to identify barriers towards achieving tenure. Eight tenured Latina faculty with experience of 7 to 20 or more years in a tenured position provided their perceptions and experiences of the challenges and support they encountered in their pursuit of tenure. A snowball sampling technique produced eight participants from an initial recruitment from an online search. Semi-structured interviews via in-person and audio-video conferences offered rich descriptions of the Latina faculty’s experiences for coding and analysis. The NVivo for Mac software (QSR International, 2015) supported the coding and analysis process of the participant’s responses. Five main themes emerged from the patterns found in the analysis. The five findings included: organizational exclusionary practices against Latina faculty at the university; white male-oriented culture where resources are used to benefit white males; demoralizing micro-aggressions towards Latina faculty from white faculty; the university leadership’s lack of action and accountability to address diversity and inclusion challenges; and the lack of support networks and mentoring to help guide Latina faculty. These findings described an exclusionary academic environment, where the Latina faculty often felt insulted, isolated, and underappreciated with little to no opportunity to advance or contribute equally to the university. This study contributed to the literature by addressing various reasons higher educational institutions need to remove barriers that negatively affect Latina faculty seeking tenure actively.

Sociology, the science that, in the analysis of the complexity of social reality, relates the social to the social (Durkheim). What is it, what is it for, how is it done, how is it taught, what does it mean to be a sociologist? These are some of the questions that are on the basis of this book, as a contribution to the analysis of some of the contemporary challenges Sociology faces. This work consists of a collection of some published articles that address subjects such as the issue of Sociology being a form of scientific knowledge that, building its object of analysis through the mobilisation of the theory of its body of knowledge, seeks to account for social reality, always reflecting critically on its activity. This book intends to articulate rigour with a pedagogical component, inasmuch that several of the chapters were underpinned by our activity as teachers.

An Inquiry into the State of Language Education and Translation in Niger State: The Situation of Arabic, English, French and the Major Languages of Niger State

An Inquiry into the State of Language Education and Translation in Niger State is a study of the status of the languages studied in Niger State, Njgeria, viz: Arabic, English, French and the three major indigenous languages (Gbagyi, Hausa and Nupe). It is thought that the enhancement of language education in these six languages, and in particular, the improvement of literacy education in at least the three major indigenous languages, Gbagyi, Hausa and Nupe (among the 38 languages of the State) will help in the State’s implementation of Nigeria’s National Policy on Education (NPE) and, consequently, in the improvement of education in Niger State. This study is on language education and translation in Niger State, Nigeria. However, it would be useful to consider first what the subject has to do with education in general. In a broad sense, education is the acquisition of knowledge, culture and civilization. Such acquisition may be formal, non-formal or informal. Whether education, as defined here simply, is formal, non-formal or informal, it is a sine qua non for self development, community development and national development. Language education, for its part, is the teaching and learning of a language or languages. It goes beyond “learning” to understand and speak a language; it involves learning to read and write in that language. In other words, it involves the acquisition of literacy in that language, with a view to acquiring knowledge, culture and civilization (that is, education) through that medium. Language is the most important pillar that supports education in all societies everywhere in the world. That is why language education is paramount in the education policies of all societies all over the world. In monolingual societies or nations where only one language is spoken or used, language education plays a primordial role in education. In countries that have more than one language, or a multiplicity of languages, this role is doubly paramount. This is the case with Nigeria which has about 500 languages, but which has had to adopt English as its lingua franca and official language since its colonisation by the British. In such societies, the recourse to translation is a sine qua non. In this regard, translation (which is the transfer of a message or information from one language, the source language, to another language, the target language) will be indispensable at two levels: (a) at the level of the codification, development and promotion of the indigenous languages, and (b) for synergy between the languages in contact for the transmission of information.

Clinical Profile Of Refractory Heart Failure And Its Outcome In Rural Institutional Setup

Heart Failure (HF) is a “clinical syndrome characterized by the inability of systemic perfusion to meet the body’s metabolic demands and is usually caused by cardiac pump dysfunction. HF is subdivided into systolic and diastolic HF. Systolic failure presents reduced cardiac contractility whereas diastolic failure exhibits impaired cardiac relaxation with abnormal ventricular filling.” HF is a result of many functional or structural discorders. They can be acquired or congenital that eventually weakens the capacity of the ventricles eject blood. (1) It is a leading cause of repeated emergency department visits and admissions across the globe. HF has become an epidemic in developed world due to advent of modern treatment protocols and increased survival in patients with CAD (CAD). Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is the leading cause of HF and subsequent admissions in developing countries. (2) In India, HF constitutes a significant part of health problems with an in-hospital mortality of 20%–30% approximately. Lack of adherence to medication and poor tolerance to guidelines based treatment is the main reason behind it. (3) Most common cause of HF is CAD, hypertension, RHD, and other conditions like cardiomyopathies, endocarditis, myocarditis and congenital heart disease. (4) Elderly are primarily affected age group with an approximate incidence of 10/1000 population after 65 years of age. Near about 80% patients admitted for HF are 65 years old or above.

The Psychology of Language Study Guide

The psychology of language deals with the cognitive functions which include perception, memory, thinking, volition, emotion, and behavior. It focuses on the three acts of mental processes: language comprehension, language production, and language acquisition. The psychological study of language dealing with the relationship between the linguistic behavior and psychological processes is called psycholinguistics. Perception has something to do with our senses while memory talks about storing, retaining, and retrieval of information. Meanwhile, there are many types of thinking such as perceptual or concrete, conceptual or abstract, reflective, creative, critical, and non-directive or associative thinking. Volition serves as the initial stage of will. Emotion and feeling are often used interchangeably. What separates them from each other is time. Behavior exhibits with some kind of a discipline, manners, etiquettes, and personality. Finally, language comprehension deals with language perception, word knowledge, figurative language, and pragmatics. A glimpse of some psycholinguistic 25 terms is also included in this unit. Of course, the skits (Skit 1-8) articulated the psychological viewpoints of the topics presented.

Photographic Memories of Asilo De Infância Desvalida Da Horta. Portugal

Asilo da Infância Desvalida was established on December 28, 1858 – the date of the celebration of the the Innocent Saints Festivity of the Catholic Church – and it operated with this name until 1971. Its central objective was to help the disadvantaged poverty of the female “exposed”, and its mission was to assist young girls in situations of neglect or extreme poverty. This organisation, which operated in a logic of community residence, consisted, thus, of an institution for the care of unprotected children and young girls. This book displays several photographs, which are a form of visual communication as a relevant element in the (re)construction of the memory and legitimisation of an organisation. This work always bears in mind that no photograph is neutral, that is, each photographic record presented is always a representation of reality.