Emerald Bowl

book1Тhe Newest Technologies of Economic And Social Development or Emerald Bowl (Monograph)
 Kozhurin Fedir Dmitrievich

The publication of this Book was stipulated by aggravation of economic problems in the majority of countries in the world, including in the West. Today is the time of revelations as regards a deadlock of those development concepts that brought results as far back as the XX century. At present, there is a need for systemic reconsideration and critical analysis of the methods for management and company organization.

The persistent systemic crisis of situation taking place in the author’s country of residence became one of the factors being conducive to the development of a number of preliminary projects through the example of Ukraine. The work proposes for consideration the fundamental principles of economic methodology. The main premise of this methodology lies in the unity of natural sources and humanitarian intellectual factors.

The material being cited contains necessary substantiations, specific assessments along with characteristic of the procedures for calculation projecting. The author proceeds from the thoroughness in determination of the economic qualitative characteristics and societies of development and calculation (accuracy) and further the projecting of every component of the problems focused on the concept of economy.

The Book being proposed in point of fact represents a small-scale mono-graphic analysis. It consists of five sections. The first two sections of the article represent a comprehensive substantiation and expanded statement of the economic task at the present time. Two following sections represent a methodology for solution of the task as a whole. Section V is devoted to a variant for implementation of methodology in the form of systemic and application economic tasks through the example of Ukraine. The work contains a bunch of methodological, methodical and systemic decisions on the implementation of economic problems into the life-sustaining activity of a man and society having been developed by the author during the past fifteen years.

DOI: 10.14738/bm.122014.1

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