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The Mathematical Model for Drug Delivery Through Skin

1Nourelhoda Medhat Mahmoud, 2Ziad Tarek Alshafee

1Biomedical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, Minia, Egypt;

DOI: 10.14738/jbemi.52.4252


Delivery of the medications is one of the important biomedical applications. It has significant importance for patients. There are a lot of methods for delivery of drugs such as oral, topical, sublingual, inhalation, and nasal and injection routes. Patients are suffering from needles every time they want to take their medications. The oral route is suitable and has the lowest cost, but some drugs can cause gastrointestinal tract irritation and has low bioavailability. Delivery of the medications through skin is the most suitable for patient because it is needleless without any pain for patients. Some medications have large size. Mathematical model for transportation of large molecules of medications and drugs through the skin is described. This model provides a significant reduction of medical complications and improvement in patient compliance. One of the most important parameter is the optimization of the response time of this model. The model shows good stability and response.

Keywords: Biomedical Applications; Medications; Mathematical model; Patients; Skin.

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